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Ad libitum

My name is Olivér. Will post art. Audio, visual, audiovisual. From Earth, Hungary. Thank you for following me, and for the notes. Much appreciated!
Apr 18 '14

Theodor Kern (1900–1969)

Top to bottom:

Continental Landscape. 1920–1932. Oil on canvas./Florentine Landscape. 1936. Oil on canvas./Landscape. 1930-1960. Oil on canvas./Mentone, France. 1934. Oil on canvas./Landscape with a Tree by a River and Hills in the Distance. Undated. Oil on canvas.

Apr 17 '14

James Poole (1803–1886)

Top to bottom:

Donati’s Comet. 1851. Oil on canvas./The Head of Lake Lucerne, Switzerland. Undated. Oil on canvas./View on the River Llugwy. Undated. Oil on canvas./Over the Greta. Circa 1850. Oil ol canvas./Falls near Pont-y-Cefn. Undated. Oil on canvas./Snowdon from the Llanberis Pass. Undated. Oil on canvas.

Apr 16 '14

Francis Danby (1793–1861)

Top to bottom:

Sunset. 1825–1830. Oil on card on board./The Wood Nymph’s Hymn to the Rising Sun. 1845. Oil on canvas./Sunset at Sea after a Storm. 1824. Oil on canvas./Sunset. Undated. Oil on canvas./The Enchanted Castle. Circa 1841. Oil on canvas./Disappointed Love. 1821. Oil on panel.

Apr 14 '14

Frank Holl (1845–1888)

Top to bottom:

A Fisherman’s Home. 1881. Oil on canvas./Faces in the Fire. 1867. Oil on canvas./Despair. 1881. Oil on canvas./Going Home. 1877. Oil on canvas./Her First Born. 1877. Oil on panel./The Song of the Shirt. Circa 1874. Oil on canvas.

Apr 13 '14

Caroline Emily Gray Hill (1843–1924)

Top to bottom:

Corfe in Corsica. 1887–1912. Oil on canvas./Mountains of Moab, Dead Sea and Nildemp (?) from Mount Scopus. 1887–1912. Oil on board/Sunrise over the Mountains of Moab. 1889. Oil on panel./Landscape with a River or Lake Shore and Mountains. 1887–1912. Oil on canvas./Landscape with a Lake Shore Surrounded by Mountains. 1887–1912. Oil on board./Landscape with a Lake Surrounded by Mountains and a Pink Sky. 1887–1912. Oil on wood.

Apr 12 '14

Algernon Cecil Newton (1880–1968)

Top to bottom:

A Gleam of Sunlight. 1966. Oil on canvas./Dawn. 1936. Oil on canvas./Evening by the Lake. 1932. Oil on canvas./The Avenue. 1944. Oil on canvas./The Beck. Circa 1900. Oil on canvas.

Apr 11 '14

Thomas Edwin Mostyn (1864–1930)

Top to bottom:

Dawn. Circa 1919. Oil on canvas./Autumn Leaves, Bushey. 1893. Oil on canvas./Memory’s Garden. Circa 1900. Oil on canvas./Peace. Undated. Oil on canvas./The Cardinal’s Garden. Undated. Oil on canvas./The Enchanted Garden. Undated. Oil on canvas./The Fleet, Torquay. Circa 1900. Oil on canvas./View across a Lake towards a City. Undated. Oil on canvas.

Apr 10 '14

Walter Bertram Potter (1872–1918)

Top to bottom:

'Dark Winding Carron'. Undated. Oil on canvas./Landscape with Sheep and a Sheep Dog. 1906. Oil on canvas./Scene in a Pine Forest with a Stream. Undated. Oil on canvas./Woodland Scene with a Stream and Daffodils. Undated. Oil on canvas./A Sunset with a Flight of Geese. Between 1895-1905. Oil on canvas.

Apr 9 '14

Theodore Major (1908–1999)

Top to bottom:

Dark Sky at Wigan. Undated. Oil on board./Sunrise Over Wigan. Undated. Oil on board./The Sea. 1962. Oil on board./Wigan Landscape. Undated. Oil on board.

Apr 8 '14

Stanley Royle (1888–1961)

Top to bottom:

Morning on the Derbyshire Moors. 1920. Oil on canvas./Ploughing. 1915. Oil on canvas./Sheffield from Crookes. 1923. Oil on canvas./Sheffield from the Park. 1923. Oil on canvas./View from the Cupola, Derbyshire. 1924. Oil on canvas./Burbage Brook, Derbyshire. Undated. Oil on canvas./Landscape. 1920. Oil on canvas.

Apr 7 '14

John Thomas Richardson (1860–1942)

Top to bottom:

Low Tide, St Michael’s Mount. Undated. Oil on canvas./Low Tide, St Michael’s Mount. 1917. Oil on canvas./The Swamp, Cuckoo Mills, Falmouth. 1907. Oil on canvas./The Bar Pool and Boat Building Yard at Low Tide, Falmouth. 1912. Oil on card.

Apr 6 '14

Anne Redpath (1895–1965)

Top to bottom:

Erbalunga, Corsica. 1955. Oil on hardboard./Playa de San Cristobal. 1960. Oil on canvas./Terraced Fields, Gran Canaria. Undated. Oil on board./The Ladies’ Garden, Palácio dos Marqueses de Fronteira, Lisbon Undated. Oil on board./Ubeda, Spain. 1959. Oil on board